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Maintain Windows and Doors

No matter what size home you live in your windows and doors are important. Always make sure your doors and windows are in good working order. Check them for cracks, loose panes, gaps and other damage. Caulk and use weather stripping to maintain energy efficiency. Keep the heat inside in the winter and cool inside in the summer. Stay comfortable year-round with a regular maintenance routine. Spring and fall are good times to make sure your windows and doors are in good working order.

Consider Window Tinting

If you are looking for more privacy, consider having your windows tinted. Also keep your window screens in good repair and consider solar screens for energy savings. Screens provide additional protection from insects, dust, even wind and rain. Screens allow you to let fresh air into your home and another layer of security protection for you and your family.

Keep Doors and Windows Secure

Perhaps your windows or doors need to be replaced due to disrepair or age. The costs of doors and windows vary substantially. When shopping for windows or doors look at the energy efficient models. Cheaper models may not be a good value if they run your energy bills up. Consider the labor cost of installation and use a reputable window company who will insure they are installed according to manufacturer specifications.

If you cannot afford new windows and doors, then consider improving your indoor air quality with plants and air purifiers. Perhaps outer storm doors and storm windows would be a good cost-effective option. Clean air is an important health consideration for you and your family.

Check Locks and Bolts

Checks locks and bolts for any loose parts or disrepair. Keep locks in good working order on both windows and doors. Consider additional add on security items for added protection.