Value of Your Home

There are many ways to increase the value of your home. You know what they say location, location, location and next is curb appeal. OK, so it is too late to change the location, but it is never too late for enhanced curb appeal.

This series starts with the least expensive things a homeowner can do to make that happen. Landscaping is a great start. You can hire a lawn landscape service for a few hundred dollars who will fix any patchy spots, keep the lawn clipped and fertilized, hedges trimmed and for a few extra bucks they can add some colorful accent plants. A green luscious lawn with some pops of color can make a huge difference.

On the interior clear the clutter especially in your smaller spaces. Remove any unnecessary or overly bulky furniture. Adding mirrors to smaller space can visually increase the space size. Let the sun shine to add freshness and a larger feel in any room.

Do minor repairs such as fixing ceiling fans, light fixtures, replace worn area rugs and make sure all light switches are operational. Small imperfections can be perceived as poor maintenance by buyers. Hire a handyman to do maintenance on a regular basis.

Paint should be kept fresh inside and outside and regular touch ups are an excellent idea. Get rid of any popcorn ceilings and add crown molding for architectural appeal. Add more lighting if needed to brighten rooms.

Small bath remodels such as replacing vanity, mirror and updating vanity lighting can do wonders for an outdated bath. Bringing the outdoors inside with greenery creates visual appeal. Updating your homes entrance on the exterior is a must. Your doorway if one of the first things people see. Make sure your entrance and front door are in good repair and clean. Consider replacement if repairs cannot be made. A simple coat of paint can give your home a focal point. Make the entrance to your home warm and welcoming.