Sunny Day Home Services provides homeowners the professional options and resources they need to complete their home improvement, repair, maintenance and design projects.

Get a Pro So You Don’t Have To

Professional contractors and specialty tradesmen save you both time and money by combining their experience, highest quality equipment, and dedication to delivering your home service needs.

Professional Tile Installation

Do you have a specific project such as renovating or remodeling a kitchen? Sunny Day Home Services has a team of contractors in your area who review your project. Then you hear back from local contractors interested in working on your project.

Get Your Quote from a Qualified Contractor

A contractor will usually want to see a larger project in person before giving you a quote. Quotes for routine projects may be provided before the contractor sees the job. Homeowners should keep in mind these are quotes only. Experienced contractors should address any additional costs when they see the project in person however many projects may have hidden costs such as mold remediation once a wall is torn out.  Most contractors will require a change order signed by the homeowner for any changes to the project subject to additional costs.

Get A Referral and a Quote on your home improvement project.

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