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Interior Paint Design Tips

When painting interior spaces try choosing a color for your main room and adjacent rooms a couple of shades lighter or darker for a smooth transition. Use tones in the same color family. Another way to add interest to your interior is adding a chair rail. Paint above chair rail a lighter color. Below the chair rail try a deeper shade of the color above the chair rail.

Create coordinated colors for flow throughout your home by using complementary color palettes. When adding accessories to your spaces try using contrasting colors for more interest. Many paint manufacturers can provide sample visualizers for reference……….Read more Here.

Consider a professional painter to complete your paint project who can properly manage the application and clean up with the precision your home deserves.  A professional painter will save you time and frustration with your paint projects.

Hire the Best Painting Contractors in Austin, TX

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A contractor will usually want to see a larger project in person before giving you a quote. Quotes for routine projects may be provided before the contractor sees the job. Homeowners should keep in mind these are quotes only. Experienced contractors should address any additional costs when they see the project in person however many projects may have hidden costs such as mold remediation once a wall is torn out.  Most contractors will require a change order signed by the homeowner for any changes to the project subject to additional costs.

Homeowners should always ask for a paper copy of the contractor’s insurance before the project begins. Insurance and licensing can expire without a website administrators’ knowledge.