April Showers bring May Flowers

April Showers bring May Flowers

When planning a garden be aware of the following top ten suggestions by horticulturist and professional gardeners. 

Clean your garden space of all debris, left over foliage no longer needed and any overgrowth.

Take stock of all your gardening needs and tools you have on hand as well as any needed items.

Take into consideration any water restrictions or limitations. Choose native plants if water is a concern in your area.

Make sure your soil is moist and healthy. Test your soil then apply fertilizer and mulch as determined. 

Rake and add leaves to your compost pile. 

Plan your planting’s and consider the seasonal changes when deciding which plants to use.

Consider a water feature and seating area in your garden for your enjoyment.

Study the sun and wind in your garden area and plant to take full advantage of the elements. 

Remove weeds before they go to seed. Treat soil if needed for prevention.

Consider both herbs and flowers in your garden. Ground cover can enhance the colorful blooms of your flowering plants.