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It’s time to prepare for dog days of summer heat. We should be able to turn on our central heat and start cooling our homes to the ideal temperatures we want. Early spring maintenance will protect you from the unbearable heat when summer arrives. It is time to determine if your AC has any serious repair issues and if not start cleaning, replacing filters and checking refrigerant levels. If you are not comfortable with the process, then it is a good time to have a HVAC technician do it for you before the summer heat drives their prices up. In the winter and spring technicians are generally more readily available as this is a slower time of the year. As a bonus this can increase the life of your home air conditioning system with proper monitoring and regular checkups by a professional.

If you find your AC is shot this is also a good time to buy an air conditioning unit. The same principles apply to availability and pricing. Summer will drive prices up and you may be forced to wait a long time until a qualified air conditioning installer can get it scheduled. Don’t be that homeowner!