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Professional Remodel, Repair and Painting in Austin, TX 

We provide referrals to local tradesmen who can explain available repair, painting or remodeling options so that you can choose the service that’s right for your home or business. To meet your project’s needs and prevent potential problems in the future we provide you with qualified contractors in your area. We include referral to many specialty services upon request. 

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Professional tradesmen save you both time and money by combining experience, highest quality equipment, and dedication to delivering your home service needs.

Create the look that optimizes your space both for family and friends. 
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Increasing the Value of Your Home

There are many ways to increase the value of your home. You know what they say location, location, location and next is curb appeal. OK, so it is too late to change the location, but it is never too late for enhanced curb appeal.

This series starts with the least expensive things a homeowner can do to make that happen. Landscaping is a great start. You can hire a lawn landscape service for a few hundred dollars who will fix any patchy spots, keep the lawn clipped and fertilized, hedges trimmed and for a few extra bucks they can add some colorful accent plants. A green luscious lawn with some pops of color can make a huge difference……..Read more here.

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Our goal is to provide referrals to qualified tradesmen who will earn your business and in doing so, earn repeat business and referrals. 

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